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If you are yet to attend a class at AllStars Variety School,please contact us via email or phone to discuss the most appropriate class for the pupil. If you wish to find out what each class entails then please visit our ‘classes‘ page.




Time Start Time End Lesson Price
8.45am 9.30 am Primary £4.00
9.30am 10.00am FreeStyle £2.50
9.30am 10.00am SmallStars £2.50
10.00am 10.45am ShowStars.1.and.2 £4.00
10.45am 11.15am PopStars £3.00
10.45am 11.30am Preparatory 4.00
11.15am 11.45am Cheerleading £2.50
11.30am 12.30pm Grade 2 £5.00
11.45am 12.15pm Street 1 £3.00
12.30pm 1.30pm ShowStars.3.and.4 £5.00
1.30pm 2.30pm Grade 1 £5.00
1.30pm 2.30pm Drama 2 £4.00
2.30pm 3.00pm Lyrical £2.50
2.30pm 3.30pm Drama 1 £4.00
3.00pm 3.30pm Street 2 £3.00
3.30pm 4.30pm Flexibility £4.00






Time Start Time End Lesson Teacher Price
4.30pm 5.30pm Commercial.Street..(I). Kirsty £2.00
5.30pm 6.30pm Musical.Theatre Kirsty £4.00
5.30pm 6.30pm Adult Fitness Rosie £3.00
6.30pm 7.30pm Free Jazz Rosie £4.00
7.00pm 8.00pm Adult tap Kirsty £3.00




Time Start Time End Lesson Teacher Price
7.00pm 9.00pm Adult Boxing Wayne -





Time Start Time End Lesson Teacher Price
4.30pm 5.30pm Lyrical Team (I) Rosie £2.50
5.00pm 6.00pm Commercial.Street..(I). Kirsty £2.00
6.00pm 7.00pm Tap team (I) Kirsty £2.50
5.30pm 6.30pm Street dance 1 Rosie £5.00
6.30pm 7.30pm Street dance 2 Rosie £5.00




Time.Start Time End Lesson Teacher Price
5.00pm 6.00pm Commercial.Street (I) Kirsty £2.00
6.00pm 7.00pm Voice Team (I) Rosie £2.50
5.30pm 7.00pm Grade.3.Ballet.and.Tap.Grade 5 Modern Kirsty £5.00
6.30pm 7.30pm StreetFit  Sophie Contact 




Time Start Time End Lesson Teacher Price
5.30pm 6.30pm Private Kirsty -

* Students may take examinations within these classes. 

(I) these classes are invitation only.