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Full Name : Kirsty Morley

Role: Principle and Qualified Dance Teacher

D.O.B: 29/11/1992

 Kirsty founded AllStars Variety School in February 2014. Kirsty has been dancing since the age of just 2 years old where she attended Chaplins stage school. She has since took over 40 dance exams in Ballet,Tap,Modern and her favourite discipline Lyrical. Not only did Kirsty take many exams but also enjoyed performing at various events on many occasions which include; Northampton carnival, Annual Fetes, Northampton Balloon Festival, Derngate Theatre, Deco Theatre, Her Majestys Theatre and many other well known venues. When Kirsty was just 14 years old she started her first Saturday job assistant teaching along side the dance teacher at her dance school. Since then, Kirsty did not only realise how much she enjoyed dancing and teaching but that she had a great passion for working with children. At 17 years old she enrolled onto a childcare course at Northampton College in which she enjoyed very much and thrived to achieve. The dedication to the course paid off as she came out with some of the highest marks the college had given for the course along with a Grade A. However during the time when Kirsty was still at college she had been asked to become the Dance teacher at the dance school giving her the responsibility of planning,running and being solely responsible for the dance classes of children ages 2 -18. Since then her passion for teaching grew and grew and thrived to give the children she taught opportunities that she’d had . This included Kirsty taking sole responsibility to organise a trip to London where 32 children aged from 4 – 18 performed there well perfected routines to an audience of thousands at Her Majestys Theatre, London, West End. Kirsty has also taught various examination disciplines such as ballet, tap and modern in which children as young as 4 years old have received platinum awards for their technique, musicality and knowledge. Not only does Kirsty spend her time teaching children but also spend her weekdays working as a teaching assistant at a primary school. Kirsty is very much looking forward to pushing AllStars Variety School to its strengths and has many ideas in which she is keen to persue.



Full Name : Ed Bye

Role: Dance and Vocal Teacher 



Full Name : Joe bull

Role: Drama 




Full Name : Nadine Francis 

Role: Assistant Teacher and Cover Teacher



Full Name : Millie Frost

Role: Assistant Teacher

Millie is an extremely talented 13 year old,who has trained within ballet, tap and modern since she was just a toddler. Millie has also attended, drama, singing and lyrical lessons. She is a great inspiration to all of the children at AllStars and is especially loved by our ShowStars 1’s. 



kaylee headshot edit


Name : Kaylee 

Role:  Freelance Dance Teacher

D.O.B: 28/04/1989

Kaylee has always loved the limelight from a very young age and was encouraged to join a local dance school at the age of 4. Kaylee attended Chaplins Stage School and gained several British Theatre Dance Association certificates in modern, tap, ballet and lyrical. Kaylee also attended acrobatic classes and stage classes during her stage school years.Kaylee was given so many opportunities to perform in local theatre productions, London shows, fetes, carnivals, talent shows, charity events and in house productions. Over the years at Chaplins Kaylee’s confidence and skills grew and she was asked to progress from a young dancer to supporting various classes within the programme. At the age of 16 Kaylee left school and went on to gain a national BTEC diploma in musical theatre. Kaylee’s confidence grew even more when she was asked to play a magical role alongside father Christmas back in 2006-2008.In 2009 Kaylee auditioned to be a Butlins Redcoat and was successful. She then spent Christmas 2009 – Christmas 2013 away from her family to fulfill her entertainment dreams. The five seasons spent at Butlins seen Kaylee achieve goals and challenges she never thought she could ever see herself doing.Throughout her Butlins career not only was Kaylee a Redcoat, she was a performer, dancer, host and full time animator. Kaylee also had the opportunity of being involved in 4 pantomimes where she played a villager, dancer, rabbit, daisy the cow  and some of the 7 dwarfs. Kaylees Butlins productions include:

  • Character show animator.
  • Butlins Super Slam wresting cheerleader.
  • Hosting many stage shows.
  • Dancer in various stage productions.
  • Ziggy (and Stephanie’s understudy) in the touring show of Lazytown.
  • Christmas fairy in the grotto and productions.
  • Performer in the Skegness Summer, Winter light swith on.
  • Backing dancer for the in house touring acts.
  • Kaylee has worked alongside various famous people including Britains Got Talent and X Factor acts.
  • Aswell as assisted Stephen Mullhern in his magic and variety shows.

Kaylee has just hung up her Butlins Redcoat as she is soon to be going on Disney Cruiseline to entertain. Kaylee is very much looking forward to going back to her teaching days and being part of AllStars Variety School.



Staff Members

Name: Sarah

Role: Reception/ Tea bar

Relevant certification: Food hygiene certificate

                                   NVQ Level 2 catering

Relevant employment: School cashier (1994-1997)




If you are interested in being a part of the committee then please speak to a member of staff. The responsibilities you must be prepared to hold is voicing your opinions and ideas while always ensuring the pupils are at the heart of each decision. Helping to organise,set up and be involved in any events or performances.