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At AllStars we encourage flexibility and technique in all dancers, starting from a young age.

In order to motivate the children we award medals to all successful splitters.

1 leg split – bronze medal.

2 leg split – sliver medal

3 leg split – gold medal

3 leg over split – trophy

This gallery shows the journeys of just some of the children.

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IMG_6049  IMG_2974   website 4 website 10

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 websu IMG_2203  IMG_4260

IMG_3986 IMG_3997    IMG_4262

IMG_3677  IMG_4086 esme summer

IMG_4301 IMG_4256


website 9 IMG_4313  IMG_4310  IMG_4311  IMG_4503  IMG_4982  IMG_6058

IMG_4393   IMG_4347  IMG_4355

 IMG_4361  IMG_4360  IMG_4418

 IMG_4363  IMG_4378

IMG_4788  IMG_4951  IMG_5703

IMG_5750  IMG_5996  IMG_5564  IMG_5885

IMG_5544  IMG_6038  IMG_5699  IMG_6053